bengal-kittens-4People of Canada have always loved cats. There are plenty of cat breeds for them to choose from, but in case you are looking for an exotic and energetic cat, there is no better match than Bengal. However, try not to get a Bengal if what you’re searching for is a sweet, delicate lap feline. The smart, inquisitive Bengal is profoundly dynamic. Always moving, the cat adores moving to high places, appreciates playing and going for strolls on a chain. This breed flourishes best when they have entry to a huge outside nook where they can enjoy the most loved cat leisure activity of bird viewing.

Characteristics of Bengal Cats


A few Bengals are attached to playing in thewater, and you may discover your angling out of the aquarium in case you’re not watchful. This is a cheerful, engaging feline who needs loads of consideration. This breed is best with a person who invests a considerable measure of energy at home and will appreciate playing and associate with them. The short coat is anything but difficult to take care of with week after week brushing. Trim the nails as required.

bengal-cat-photo-12The Bengal’s lovely coat comes in numerous foundation hues. Bengal spots likewise change in shading. Some Bengal coats have striking rosettes or spots made up of more than one shading. Bengal coats likewise arrive in a marbled example. While most ordinarily found in the chestnut spotted dark-striped design, they may likewise be found in other hues. A Bengal’s coat can have hairs with a luminous sheen, making it look as though it has been sprinkled with diamond dust. This is a very beautiful cat, but make sure you choose the breeder carefully because not all of them provide such quality kittens. You should try Passion Bengal cattery in case you live in Canada and you have a passion for well-bred Bengal.